Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Month to be Thankful: Day 9

Day 9: Thankful for Friends

good friends are hard to come by and well, i have quite a lot. so today, i am thankful for my friends. i have sweet friends from my childhood, close friends from high school, amazing roommates and sisters from trinity, Godly and beautiful friends from harvest, crazy and fun friends from work, and the list goes on...

i have been prayed for, loved on, cried to, cried from, laughed with, encouraged by, memories made by each one of my friends. i am thankful for friendships. and while some may go, some may change, and some may grow - each one has made significant impact on my life and i treasure each friend no matter what. so wherever you might be in my life today, know that i treasure you and am beyond thankful for your friendship.

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