Friday, November 4, 2011

A Month to be Thankful: Day 1

well, i started this blog on november 1st and never got around to publish the past four days, so here are a bunch of blogs to read. Enjoy.

last year my friend, kristen macDonald (check out her blog HERE) wrote out something she is thankful for everyday for the month of november. i just LOVED this idea and wanted to do it this year. i guess i am feeling a bit more thankful this year?!? ;)

Day 1: Thankful for Jesus Christ
today i am thankful that the Lord die on the cross to save me for my sins and my ultimate penalty: death. i mean, i can't really be more thankful than that? through my faith and belief in Him, i know have the assurance of eternal life with Him! Lord, THANK YOU for saving me!

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  1. love it:) i really loved it and didn't think about it soon enough to do it this year... thinking about thankful thursdays or tuesdays or what the heck maybe i might just do the whole month:) loved the five posts! mr. colton is cuter by the day.