Thursday, April 14, 2011


well, we are halfway through this pregnancy. the first trimester is way over (thank goodness) and i am well into my second. i honestly couldn't imagine myself not being pregnant. it is such a blessing to be carrying this beautiful child that i will finally meet in 20 short weeks. :P

on monday, i had my 20 week ultrasound. as i sat there looking at the little one being active inside my little womb, i couldn't believe it. it was so surreal. it was so fun to look at the baby and then back at joseph's face as we both sat there amazed at what we were looking at. it is always a plus to hear the doctor say, "healthy, growing, active baby" all in one sentence. ptl. then the big head and weighing 1 pound already got me freaked out. classic "plantz" baby, i guess.

yes, joseph tried to cheat and figure out what the baby was, but he had no idea what he was looking at half the time. (phew). i love surprises, so of course i would wait to find out.

so, after seeing my little lamb, i am so thankful and in awe that the Lord chose joseph and i to be parents to this little baby. my pray today is that we will first figure out how to be parents ;) but more sincerely, to raise this child up in a home that firmly believes in Jesus Christ. and my prayer for this little one is that no matter what it does that above all, their first love and priority will always and forever be their savior, Jesus.

take a look at this little one, i mean, how cute is that:
so, what is your guess? ;) boy or girl?

until next time...