Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Have Come to Grips That I Am...


I always wait till the last minute to do and get things done and I am changing this once and for all. My new goal this year (a little "Spring Cleaning" in my life) is to be more on top of things like birthdays, thank you cards, or not waiting three days before we need to get out to start packng up our entire apartment - you know, things like that.

Don't you hate that feeling? When you are racing against time to get something done that it affects everything else in your life, even people? Well, I quit Procrastination. No mas.

Things I am going to start doing:

1. Write down people's birthdays and get their present (if I really like you) or a simple card a week in advance and write in it right away. Next birthday: Mine. May 28th. I won't procrastinate on that one. :)

2. Appreciation Cards/Thank You Cards/Etc. --- I LOVE getting and giving cards, but am awful at getting them out. I probably have started about 10 cards that I never finished -- or the 15 blog posts that I have saved in my draft file because I never got around to finish them . . . I procastinated and then, they are wayyyy to late to send or post. Fail.

3. Deadlines - like Moving. :) I take full responsibility on this whole moving fiasco. So, whenever we move again - probably when our house is full of the pitter patter of tiny little feet we will move on to bigger and better things and I will be 100% prepared. Speaking of moving, not children - blog post and pics to come. :)

4. Things I sign up for. You know when you sign up for things way in advance and then remember like, hum... the day before? Yeah, that is me. My intensions are always great, but my execution slightly fails.

Well, there are many more, but I am glad to say that I have left the fail train and onto a new and refreshing start in my life. No more procastination. (Sigh of relief)

And, yes --- I promise to be back for awhile.