Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Month to be Thankful: Day 20

yeah, yeah - i skipped day 19. ;)

Day 20: Thankful for Recovery Systems

yes, i am extremely thankful today that there are people out in this world that are so technologically smart that they can pull some of your most precious memories off of a crashed hard drive. to all of you data recovery people and places, you are precious - especially brian at 300dollardatarecovery.com. you are my new best friend. 

last weekend our mac crashed - the day i was going to back everything up, ironic, eh? went into the mac store on sunday and the smart mac guy told us that our hard drive crashed. i started balling right there. probably wasn't the first and to tell you the truth, i didn't care. i really thought i just lost colton's first three months of his life plus various other precious memories of joseph and i. i was so mad at myself. 

i then had my sister's I.T. guy at her work looked at it and gave us the information to 300dollardaterecovery.com. he couldn't pull the data off but he said that this guy probably could. however, jason did update our mac and put a new hard drive in for free. for that, i am so thankful. 

after sending the hard drive all the way to the good state of california this week, i kept praying. i felt so silly praying but the Lord knows the desires of our hearts. and while there are extremely worse things i am praying for, i still felt the need to pray that we would get our photos back. and now, we are. :) i was up all last night with food poisoning, which i am not thankful for, but it was great at 3am when i looked at my phone and saw an email from brian saying he had great news. he was able to pull 99.99% of the data off my hard drive. praise the Lord, huh? 

so today, i am extremely thankful. especially for all of you smart I.T. peeps. kudos to you my friends. and especially brian and jason, you both make me one happy mama today. 

and a lesson learned: BACK UP RIGHT AWAY. ;)

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