Sunday, November 20, 2011

Colton: Week 12

my dear precious boy is 12 weeks.

  • has mastered tummy time. the kid is one strong boy. he loves holding his head up and looking around. 
  • sleeps an average of 10 hours straight a night. 
  • mornings are the best. he just smiles, laughs and is VERY talkative. 
  • i love when he wakes up in the morning. he is looking around and just chattin. so precious. i'll have to take some video one day and post it. 
  • officially too long for most of his 3 month clothes so we are moving on up. 
  • still hates his swing. bummer.
that is about it. he turns 3 months this week so the upcoming post will be longer! :) 

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