Sunday, May 15, 2011


what a special moment that is when you feel the first kick or punch of your unborn child. honestly, it blew me away. and it brought so much joy after such a hard first 20 weeks. it happened one morning lying in bed and i felt a small little punch on my side, brought a smile and tear to my eye.

i can't wait to meet this little one. and it has been a joy to feel i move more and more over the past few weeks. sometimes at 3am but i am grateful it is active.

love being pregnant these days.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

mother's day... or mother's-to-be day ;)

i never got around to publish this post... oops. it was for mothers day. never too late...

i have the best mother - i look at her as one of my best friends. someone i count on, look up to, share my exciting moments with, have a shoulder to cry on. whatever it is, she is there.

and as mothers day is here and i sit here typing with a little one on the way, i look forward to motherhood and being half the mother my mama was and still is today.

i am excited and nervous to be a mom. excited to hold, cherish, love, teach, and guide this little person. but extremely nervous, too. i mean, it is mine - i can't give it back, i have to figure it out myself, and learn the ways of motherhood with a newborn. it is scary thought.

but, i am eternally grateful that i had such an amazing example to learn from. my mom is a mother of five and if any mom has gone through EVERYTHING, it is her. from losing a son battling cancer, to loving and praying for prodigal kids, lying children, heartbreak and tears - she has battled every single one. and even good times, from seeing three of her four children married, 2 1/2 grandchildren, success in jobs, life, school, etc. through each one, good or bad,she is who she is and wouldn't be who she is without each and everyone of those moments. and this is why she is practically one of the best moms out there. she learned every angle of motherhood and nailed it.

so, with that example, i look forward to raising my kids through the good and the bad times. and as mother's day comes to an end, i am so extremely thankful for my mom, colette. this day is well deserved for someone as wonderful, Godly, and beautiful as her.