Monday, November 21, 2011

A Month to be Thankful: Day 21

Day 21: Thankful for my Passat Wagon

we knew we would need a bigger car once the babe arrived so we bought a 08 passat wagon and i loooove it. if you know anything about my car history, you would laugh. don't get me wrong, i am so thankful i have had something to drive since i was 16, but i am extremely thankful i have a RELIABLE car now...

my brother, sister and i always laugh at our memories in our 88 corsica - this thing would leak oil, would leave us stranded, have puddles of water inside the car, the ceiling was falling down - oh boy. this thing was hilarious. or our grand prix. i gotta say - this thing was pretty fabulous except that it didn't have air conditioning and if you know anything about me, that is not good. and then it started rusting. finally, the first car i bought, a mazda millenia.... ooohhh boy. the car looked nice but that thing... ugh. let's just say i got stranded in the middle of nowhere indiana one day. drove down a week later, picked the thing up in nowhere indiana, broke down again after they "fixed" it... brings back too many terrible memories. and then to put a cherry on the top - my mother smashed into the side of the thing. i think that made us even with what i owed them from so many years. 

anywho, got rid of that piece of junk and then purchased a red grand am. not only did it smell like an ash tray, nasty - it didn't start like two days after we got the dang thing from the dealer! what, the what?!? did they even check it? it took like three weeks just to fix everything because they couldn't fix it and had to bring it to a GM dealer. oy vey. you can probably feel my frustration. the car was a champ for awhile but it was only two door. annoying. then one day i went grocery shopping and the vinegar top came off and went all over my car. ugh.

and then the passat came along. it was a long search but i am in love. the back is big enough for colton's gigantic stroller, pack-n-play and what else. plus, the thing has heated seats. who doesn't love heated seats? but seriously, this car is a gem and i am so grateful that we were able to get this car. and even after all of my car drama for 10 years, it has made me appreciate what i have more than you know.
so today, i am thankful for my vw wagon. it is fab and totes a mom car. ;)

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