Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day Four: Christmas Decorations

okay, it is december 4th. i hope you put up your christmas decorations! if not, what the heck is taking you so long? you only have about 20 more days to enjoy the christmas festivities.

it is our first christmas in our new home, so this is my first time decorating an entire house.

just like everything "christmas" i love decorating for christmas. from the tree, to the lights, to just putting a lil' of my personal style in the way i decorate.

i just think it is fun to do something different to your home for about a month.

so what does your home look like for christmas? do you put up something special? do you have a certain style?

here are a few pictures of the snare home this christmas season:



snowflakes @ night

bay window decorations.

our new stockings and small tree downstairs

oh, christmas tree. oh, christmas tree.

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