Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 8: Favorite Christmas Drink

what is your favorite christmas drink?

are you one of those eggnog drinkers? or how about the yummy peppermint white mocha from starbucks? or just simple regular christmas blend coffee buyer? no, you love a simple hot chocolate from your kuerig in the quiet of your own home? or maybe like my beautiful friend, a regular coffee with vanilla soy milk and a shot of peppermint ;)?(http://cassandraeldridge.blogspot.com/)

well, whatever your choice drink may be, go splurge and enjoy life's simple pleasures, even if they make your guilty list. go to your favorite place whether it be starbucks, caribou, or even your own home and enjoy christmas in a cup.

trust me it is a relaxing moment.

so, what did you get?

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