Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 10: Make a List of Things You Are Thankful For

what are you thankful for? your job? your spouse? parents? jesus?

this christmas season i am thankful for a lot. with recent events happening in my life, i think about that one worship song, blessed be your name. part of the lyrics it says, "he gives and takes away." how true. but, when he gives after he takes, how much more are we thankful, huh?

so in the spirit of thankfulness, today is simple: make a top 10 list of things you are grateful for (because we all know we can make a list of 1,000 and more but for the sake of time, we will only do 10)

1. jesus christ: who humbly came as a baby to eventually die on the cross for our sins
2. joseph
3. my parents
4. my family: ryan, kerry, candace, ben, madeline, ethan, baby 2, paul and karen snare, ben snare
5. amazing friends
6. my house
7. my church
8. a new job
9. the word
10. coffee ;)

so, what is your top 10?

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