Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 15: Christmas List

i find it funny that when you get married, own a house, and are a responsible adult some of your "wants" on your christmas list might not be what you really want, but more of a necessity. argh.

however, joseph and i decided that we are NOT going to make christmas a time where we get each other things that we NEED but more of things that we WANT or desire to have. more "fun" gifts.

yes, there are things i want for my house, pay off all our debt, grown up boring things but because i love to give and get gifts, we do things that we probably would never buy for ourselves.

so, what is on your christmas list this year?

what is on mine you ask? well, a leather jacket, a new warm winter jacket, clothes, and a big one: a new car. ;)

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