Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 6: Christmas Ornament

christmas ornaments are special. most of them have a special meaning and i love that. when joseph and i got married, our parents gave us our ornaments that we both accumulated over the years. from our first ornament to joseph's 20+ horse ornaments to all my music ones.

joseph and i just started a fun tradition with ornaments this year - we both are giving one another a special ornament to open on christmas morning. something that represents us or that person over the year.

this year i bought our new ornament:

so, go out and buy or hey, even MAKE a new ornament (for you crafters out there) for your tree this year that represents 2010 for you. last year, it was our first christmas together so i got this cheesy one:
what type of ornament are you going to get? did you travel somewhere and want to represent that? maybe it is your first christmas together? or a new baby? or like us, you bought a house? what was the highlight of 2010 and put an ornament on the tree that represents that. it will be great to look back in a few years to see what 2010 meant to you.

so, what kind of ornament did you get or are you getting?

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