Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 14: Go See Christmas Lights

i love christmas lights. well, the ones that are nicely done. not clark griswold style. sorry, that is a bit much.

but simple white lights or those light festivals, those are well done and worth looking at.

last night we all got in the suburban and went to this place called tanglewood. it was pretty spectacular. yes, i was a bit doubtful but as we drove through, wow. muy impressivo. i mean, it is sponsored by chick-fil-a!

it was a ton of fun and a good time to admire the lights, listen to christmas tunes, and enjoy some family fun together.
so, even if it is piling everyone in the car, grabbing some starbucks, and driving up and down the neighborhood roads-go enjoy some of the twinkles of christmas and a little family fun, it is worth it for some smiles.

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