Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 2: Christmas Music

Fa La La La La, La, La, La, La!

okay - danielle 101: i LOVE christmas music.

well, i am not the type to start listening in september, but i do enjoy turning on the festive tunes right around thanksgiving. however, joseph, uh, not so much. so, that somewhat hinders my time listening to it. good thing i love him more... ;)

not sure what it is about christmas music - lyrics, melodies, it all encompasses pure joy!

so, here it is, a few of my all time favorite christmas albums/songs:

1. silent night - classic for sure. any version. any singer.
2. mariah carey - seriously?! who doesn't love this album. all i want for christmas is you? can i get an amen on this one? ;)
3. amy grant - home for christmas. grew up on this album. breath of heaven? yes, please.
4. instrumental christmas music. no lyrics, just instruments, especially piano. smile.
5. over the rhine christmas music. what i love about them is their christmas music is sooo different, but i am soooo in love with it. check them out. it is worth your time.

what are yours? i am always up for new christmas albums in my library.

need a little christmas boost today? go to pandora and make a christmas station - my recommendation: amy grant or mariah carey. great mixes.
p.s. want to listen to the worst/funniest o holy night?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk4woNRD7NQ

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  1. so excited to follow your advent blog this month Danielle! amy grant's christmas album is also my absolute favorite :) but i also grew up listening to steven curtas chapman and i love that one too!