Wednesday, December 1, 2010

25 Days of Christmas Countdown

well - it is December and it started off right with some snow! hey - oh! and with my love for Christmas, you know I have to do something fun. so, here we go . . .

i normally don't participate in one of those daily advent calendars - the ones you open the door each day to find some type of gross candy to eat. but this year i am . . . with my own little twist. every day, on my blog, i will post something about Christmas. each day with have it's own theme. for example, today will be christmas traditions, one day can be your favorite christmas treat, few weeks it will be a day to blog about the real christmas story, and maybe to throw in somethin' different, i'll post a video while I make my favorite christmas cookie. who knows? you will just have to come back every day to see, huh?

so here goes my advent journey until christmas day! day one, beings...now.

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