Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 16: Donate A Toy

i am guilty of going and just getting gifts for those i love, those that are close to me. but, as i reflect during this time, i believe we need to think about those who might not get anything this christmas and give back.

can you imagine? a five-year-old running downstairs to gather around the christmas tree to find out that his parents couldn't get him anything this year? or the millions of children across the world who just need simple things?
so, during this last week of christmas find an organization or maybe just at your own church to see if there is someone less unfortunate than you and go buy a toy for that child. it will be an amazing feeling knowing that they will wake up next week with something to open and play with.

yes, you are right, the main reason behind christmas isn't about presents and santa - but God GAVE US his son, his only son who cam as a lowly baby to died for us our sins. now, that is love. and we need to show love to those who need it and if it is giving a gift, then let's pitch in and do it this christmas season.

last month my high school small group girls and i put together two packages for a boy and girl for operation christmas child. it was a ton of fun and we are thrilled we were able to give a little bit back this year.
so, how are you going to give back this christmas season?

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