Tuesday, December 27, 2011

4 months

i still can't believe that is has been 4 months since colton was born. while one part of me feels like it was a million years ago, the other part just feels like it happened yesterday.

i usually do bullet points of my dear, sweet colton but thought of doing something different. i started writing him a letter each month so i thought i would share month four on my blog.

my dearest sweet son,

you are four months today. and what a little active four-month-old you are. while you found your voice the day you graced the world with your presence, you are one extremely talkative and social little guy. i wonder who you get that from ;)? 

i absolutely adore that you love your momma. the way you keep your eyes locked on me, or smile at me when you hear my voice, or your adorable laugh that comes out only when you are with your momma, it melts my heart. you love when i sing to you. if you are crying, you stop and stare at me and often smile. it must bring you back to the many times i would sing when you were in my belly.

you are a strong little guy. you might have a large head, but you know how to keep that thing up. whether it is during tummy time or sitting in your bumbo chair, you enjoy looking around. you also love to push off with your strong little legs. standing with help from mommy and daddy is always a fun time for you. i am excited but also apprehensive that crawling and walking will happen a lot faster than i think.

you stared playing in your exercauser this past month. we laugh at your determination and frustration to get all the toys in your mouth, but you aren't quite there yet. 

you celebrated your first christmas this month and you just took in all the sights and sounds, especially the tree lights and christmas music that your mommy loved playing everyday. something your daddy just deals with. ;) you were also one spoiled little boy on christmas. your grandparents must adore you. ;)

you are rolling over like crazy on your tummy to your back. one day you will figure out back to tummy, but for now, we are so proud of you. you sleep an average of 11 hours a night - 9-10 hours straight usually. mommy is looking forward to the day when we don't get up at 4am anymore to feed. hopefully now that we will start rice cereal it will keep your belly full for longer.

teething has entered the picture. while we can't see any yet, we know that it must be bugging you because of the constant drool, hands in month, and random acts of crying. maybe your will get your little chompers early. 

at your four month appointment, you weighed 15 lbs and 1oz. were about 26 inches long, and your head is still rocking the upper 90 percentile.

i can't tell you how much bigger my love for you gets everyday. i love watching you grow. 

love you so much my sweet little colton.

forever and always,

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