Friday, December 9, 2011

3 months

i am a terrible mother. colton turned 3 months on thanksgiving. and i haven't blogged about it yet. gah!

things about colton @ 3 months:
  • mastered tummy time and loves it
  • loves to smile and laugh (has the cutest laugh - vid to come)
  • uber talkative (wonder where he gets that from?!?!)
  • rolled over for the first time
  • loves his farm playmat
  • sits up with help
  • loves "horsey" with daddy
  • loves clocks? weird. but he does 
  • super ticklish (love it.)
  • got some strong legs. loves standing (with help, of course)
  • still hates his swing
  • starting to like his bouncer
  • started playing in his saucer 
  • sleeps an average of 10 straight // 12-13 total
  • wears 6+ month clothes because he is so LONG! 
  • has beautiful blue eyes (like his mommy hehe)
  • celebrated his first thanksgiving

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