Monday, December 19, 2011

a lifechanging moment, 365 joyous days ago

this past weekend marks the one year anniversary of when i found out i was pregnant. i can still remember that morning as it was yesterday... what a joyous moment. but more than that, how God's timing is ALWAYS PERFECT.

and i think that is the biggest thing i have learned being pregnant with colton. december of 2010 was filled with many dark, sorrow-filled days and many joyful, incredible days. getting pregnant of course as one of those joyful days.

God knew that december 18 would be the perfect day for me to take a test and find that it was "+". what immense joy i felt that morning. and even more as i gave joseph his first christmas gift last year letting him know that he was going to be the best daddy in less than nine months.

he also knew the day before i realized i was pregnant would be a perfect day to accept a new job that would later allow me to work part-time at home with mr. colton and come in whenever i want. he knew that august 25th would be the day that colton would enter the world. he also knew that colton would be born during one of the most trialing times of my life. he knew that only a few weeks later, i would realize that everything happens for MY GOOD in HIS TIMING and fill my heart with more joy than i could ever imagine.

all in all...i am blessed. and during this christmas time, i really am filled with so much joy. i am blessed with the cutest four month old who is just the best and happiest baby around and who has changed my life in ways i never thought possible. and who has me wrapped around his little finger.. i am even more blessed with an amazing husband who loves his son more than anything. watching him grow as a daddy has brought tears to my eyes and a heart full of joy as i look forward to many more years of child-rearing and bearing.

i wouldn't change God's perfect plan for anything over the past year. colton is more perfect than i imagined 365, lifechanging, joyful days ago.

Proverbs 19:6
The heart of man plans his way,
   but the LORD establishes his steps.

i mean, seriously? who would have thought my kid would be this adorable... 

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