Saturday, March 17, 2012

blog breakups

i feel like i have had multiple blog breakups over the past few years. i get into a great groove and blog my heart out and then i have my moments where i just stop... for months. it is like a high school relationship. 

well, after doing some thinking and brainstorming, i wanted my blog to be more than a bragging place for my cute little babe. (although, i don't mind... but if i were you, i would think it is obnoxious.) so, i decided that i am going to be more committed. i know, i know. i have said that multiple times. again, i compare it to a high school relationship...sure, i might "like" blogging, but i have other priorities that are much more important. ;)

after chatting with my talented designer sister, candace, she and i are in the process of revamping my blog. it is going to have a different look, feel, and overall concept. there will still be updates of colton and his cute daily changes but it will come with more consistency... "daily" topics or such (i use "daily" carefully because you know my commitment issues)... it might be about what i have been learning, a pinterest pin i actually did (i have done a lot, excited to share my finds and makes), or it might be about my adventures of mommyhood. 

so, here we go. heres to a successful, committed blog relationship... ;) no more high school romance, this thing is gettin' serious... marriage material ;) xoxo

ps. if you haven't heard... my mom is working on her blog. seriously, you will want to follow her, especially all you mommas out there. she is gonna be realz and honest. (colette? honest?) but truthfully, it is going to minister to your hearts. God has some great plans for her and this. i can't wait. xo

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  1. Yay! Looking forward to at least keeping up with you in blog land. xo!