Monday, October 17, 2011

i'm back?!?

gosh. i am terrible. has it really been a few months since I have blogged? yikes. sorry. guess the new mom thing took over for awhile.

anywho, i am back. i am finally getting into the swing of things with my cute little babe so hopefully my blog posts will be more frequent. one can only hope. ;) i think i have said that many, many times before.

well, i have much to blog about. so here is a list of things that will come up shortly this week or next:

1. colton. really? i haven't blogged and bragged about my adorable baby boy yet? gotta get on that one.

2. bsf study in acts. so, so, so good. will be a weekly thing, but for this week, i'll try to sum up the past four/five weeks.

3. entrusted with a child's heart. yes, colton is only 7 1/2 weeks but i know getting this information in my mind now will help in the future.

4. babywise. definitely a wise book. and it works.

5. change. yes, things have changed in the snare household. not only a child but much, much more.

6. monthly (maybe weekly or daily or even hourly) updates on the one and only, colton daniel snare. duh. we are finishing up month 2 already, whhhhaaattt??

7. journaling. so good for my heart and soul.

okay, gave ya a little glimpse of what to expect. come back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy my blogs. i am sure they will much more often and probably early in the am. :) loving my new 5am wake up time. really, i am.

signing out... until then... ;)


  1. Love that you blog! I added you to my list. :) And love that sweet baby. See you both tomorrow morning!

  2. So happy you're back :) Can't wait to read! xoxo