Thursday, August 11, 2011

Top 10 Things I am excited for...

10. being able to get off the couch without extra effort
9. having my body back to normal (or somewhat back)
8. not having hands and feet twice it's normal size
7. sleeping or laying on my stomach
6. not feeling nauseous
5. seeing my toes while i stand
4. lose the weight and the challenge it will face (sick, i know)
3. running!!!
2. finding out if it is a boy or girl and the NAME!
1. actually holding my child/being a mom to the greatest kid ever created

there are a ton more, of course. good and bad. i will miss being pregnant. i know, even though i had a pretty rough pregnancy - i am going to miss all the fun moments with me and the baby. yes, there will better to come, but it is unlike anything.

excited for this little kiddo. few more days!

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