Monday, October 24, 2011


8.25.11::the date that changed our lives forever . . . and for the better.

get ready for blue, trucks, cars, dirty clothes, sports and more because we gotta boy on our hands.

colton daniel snare was welcomed into the world at 7:41am. at 6lbs 13oz and 21 inches - and what an entrance it was.

i had a doctor's appointment the tuesday before his "birth"day. i was only dialtated a centimeter. it was something new considering i wasn't progressing at all the whole month. i was truly convinced this baby was coming in september. i was drastically wrong. that evening i started to feel cramps but thought nothing of it since i was having him in september. :P

i went into work on wednesday morning (dumb) and left early because my cramps were actually contractions. [come on, i didn't know what to expect...]

went home. took a nap. made dinner. ate. turn for the worst (or better, whatever way you want to look at it)

around seven/eight o'clock my contractions became much worse and much closer together. by nine i was contracting every five minutes for a minute.

long story short: hospital by 11pm. epidural by 1pm. in the OR for an emergency c-section at 2am (didn't happen) because my water broke, i was dilated 6cm, contracting every minute - colton couldn't handle it so his heart rate went down while my blood pressure was shooting up. eventually we were back in our room at 4am. pushing at 7am. colton's arrival at 7:41am. talk about an entry, huh? definitely was an eventful night over at good shepherd.

when colton came out, i was so in awe. he was the most adorable newborn i have ever seen. he blew me away. with tears running down my cheeks, i couldn't believe what we created... correction: what God created. my little lamb was finally here.

colton is such a joy. a blessing. and i am so thankful to be a mommy to the most precious little baby. it has already been quite the ride but i look forward to many many more special memories with this little guy.

proud daddy
i was so in awe of his beauty
this picture says it all: in love.
mommy and daddy meeting colton for the first time
perfect babe

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