Monday, August 2, 2010

It Came and Went . . . July 2010

Ah! I can't believe it is August already, sorry this is late. August has been insane!! What the heck? Summer is flying by... And I am SOOO OKAY with it. I can't handle this heat.

So, month two of Marathon training is complete. I am actually increasing my training this year but I have been having all sorts of issues. First off, I am allergic to something and it is driving me crazy because I have no idea what it is. Everyday I get these horrible stomach cramps so I need to set up a doctor's appointment, I am just procrastinating...shocker.

Second, my shoulders are killing again. These long runs ruin my body, but it doesn't help that when I get exhausted or have issues (i.e. stomach issues) and then I tend to strain my running form which in the end, affects my shoulders.

Third, this summer has been freakishly hot. Grr. I wouldn't mind it if my body could handle the sun + temps over 75 degrees. But, it just shuts down. Literally. Dear Fall, I am ready for you. Love, An avid supporter of 50-70 degree temps.

Other than my issues, I am literally rolling out of bed every morning to run. My most "memorable" run this summer was a few weeks ago. Before leaving for Lake Placid I had to run 14 miles because I didn't know what it would look like if I waited to run in NY so I just ran my long run on that Friday . . . before work. Yikes - that was an early morning. My alarm went off at 3:30 A.M. - but not only did I hear my alarm but was also awaken by bright flashes and loud bangs. Great, I am running in a thunderstorm.

I waited until about 4:15 to start, and decided it wasn't stopping so I was runnin' in the rain. At about mile 3, it seemed to let up. But, I was wrong, at about mile 4 a monsoon came and I ran in pouring rain for literally 6 miles. Thank you rain storm for giving me beautiful blisters all over my feet. However, I would take that over humidity and heat any day. Crazy, yes, I know.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the rest of my August runs - only getting up to 16/17miles. It is September that I fear, 18, 19, 20, 22. Yikes! Least it starts to cool down, right?

10.10.10 - I am anxiously awaiting your arrival. Mostly, for you to be over. :)


  1. keep that chin up babygirl- nothing good comes easy. you got it :) for when you are weak HE is strong

  2. danielle! saw your comment on KG's blog so I checked yours out. LOVED the pics of candace's bridal shower :) so sweet. you have a great talent for part planning, clearly. Good luck in your training!