Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby Snare. 8.28.11

sorry blogging world - i have neglected you yet again. i have wanted to blog and tell you all about my growing tummy and extra weight that i have gained, but feeling awful 24/7 for the past 10 weeks had my focus on my daily tasks and trying not to throw up.

okay, i'll say it, i thoroughly did not enjoy my first trimester. i would say, hate, but that is harsh- and I am in LOVE with my little lamb already.

if i had to sum up the past 10 weeks in one word, i would say, "tough." i have endured a lot in my short little 24-25 years of life. i have trained and ran 3 full marathons, numerous half marathons, trekked through a semester with 21 credit hours in college with two jobs, dealt with a loss of a brother, and many, many other things.

however, this pregnancy probably makes it in the top 5 toughest things i ever had to endure. not only was i waking up to awful nausea and gagging (and still am), and then eventually, vomit - but my "morning sickness" was "all-day sickness." at first, i dealt with it, got on some medication and went on with life. but as the weeks went on and days would end in tears, i eventually told myself i couldn't do it.

phew, finally week 13. prior to this week, i was told i was going to get better. but, of course, i didn't. it got worse. it was clock work. everyday at noon, i was throwing up whatever i ate. and to make matters worse, i work 40+ hours a week, so i didn't have the comfort of my home to "do my thang." nah, my co-workers have experienced and heard my vomit as much as i have. ;)sorry, guys.

and to make things even tougher, i find out that three other girls i know are due right around me and their first trimester was a breeze. another word: depressed.

i wasn't angry with God but i was frustrated. i didn't understand why i had to go through such a terrible first trimester, and part of my second while no one else was. why only me?

but after much prayer and thinking, i realized that i forgot i was carrying a baby, a human being, being formed with our CREATOR's hands. i realized that there are hundreds of women that can't even get pregnant and spend hours crying because they want the opportunity to be a mommy. i realized that God puts us through situations to grow and test our faith. i realized that one day, i will be able to encourage a woman in my life when she is dealing with a very difficult pregnancy. i realized that in six short months, i will have my first child in my arms and nothing that i went through will matter, nothing. i realized a lot. and i felt convicted.

so here i am, almost 16 weeks with my next doctors appointment on monday to see my little lamb and let me say, i couldn't be more excited. i am finally feeling better. this week has been a huge encouragement. i am still nauseous but haven't thrown up in a few days. (sigh of relief.)

thanks for all the prayers for those who have been praying for me and little snare. i feel it. and praise to my Lord who has given me the opportunity to carry a child that in a short 25 weeks, i will be holding and calling my own.

i can't wait share this journey with you over the next 24-25 weeks. i am sure there will be a lot of joys and a lot of discouragements, but i am glad i can share each week with those who love me.

as a start, here is the first picture and heartbeat pattern of little snare at seven weeks. yes the peanut looking thing in the center is the baby. ;)

For you formed my inward parts, you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works my soul knows it very well. psalm 139:13-14


  1. PRAISE THE LORD YOU ARE FEELING BETTER!! You will be an amazing mom, Danielle. It exciting to watch you become one! These next 25 weeks will be some of your first lessons in motherhood. Take it all in and remember that this is the one time in life when we get to work hand in hand with our God to create life. Pretty profound :-) Love you!

  2. I am glad you are feeling much better now! i should have probably told you that even though i didnt have much of the morning sickness, i was extremely fatigued, hardly ate as nothing sounded good, and now i am experiencing heartburn that i have never had before, and to be honest, it is rather annoying as i can't find anything to ease it away for me. but you are so right, God is at work in my body, and if this is what it needs to do to make sure my baby is healthy, then so be it!! :o) can't wait to follow in you on your journey!

  3. Hey Dani! Just checking out your blog & wanted to say congrats. Sorry you are going through such a rough time & hope you start feeling much better soon - you're not alone in the "all day" sickness, I have lots of friends who were sick all day well past their 1st tris. Also, thanks for including the added perspective...I am in that infertility boat myself, & like you said - God tests our faith! He has His reasons, though, or so I've been told ;);)

    Congrats again & God bless! Feel better soon.