Monday, November 15, 2010

One of those days...

Today, I get the award for being an idiot. Seriously.

Of course, my Monday morning had to start off right by scraping and denting the entire side of my husband's '05 Dodge Ram Pickup. Your welcome, honey.

I can't explain the feeling when you know you did something completely idiotic. I have been driving the truck for the past week in my work's parking garage with no problem. But this morning, I wasn't thinking and out of no where, a cement pole appeared ;). Now, his beautiful truck has a lovely white scrap/dent.

As I frantically got out of the truck this morning and ran over to the other side to see the damage - I got that awful feeling in my stomach when I saw what I had done plus the uncontrollable sobs that accompanied soon after ... man, did i just start my week off perfect.

On a better note: I am thankful for such a sweet, loving, and understanding husband. As he told me to breath through my sobs and tears, he also let me know it was going to be okay. Yes, it will be. It is just a vehicle and things like this happen. Just like when he scraped the same side six months back on a huge rock. Yes, we are very cautious couple. :) Merry Christmas, Danielle. A new side to our truck. :)

It's been a rough two days, but I can't dwell on the disappointments and anxiousness on how we are going to pay for this or when the Lord will answer my prayers that I thought he answered... He has a plan, in His time, and I know we go through things, even like denting our vehicle, to put us in our right place. God knew I needed that reminder this weekend, and yes, I am thankful.

So what, my week has started off not so well...but as everyone says, It can only get better from here, right? or is it worse? ;)

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