Tuesday, June 8, 2010

365 Incredible Days of Marriage

Year #1, check. We made it. Best 365 days of my life. Marriage is officially one of the best decision ever. (Especially when you marry your best friend, like I did.)

And what a year it was. Hectic, amazing, challenging, eventful, and blessed.

What can I say, I am completely blessed with a man who loves and adores me for me. He is a man after God's own heart and am so thankful for the love we share that comes from the Lord.

And what a love it is . . .

sweet love.

deep love.

everyday love.

passionate love.

forever love.

our love.

Joey - Happy Anniversary to the one I LOVE with all my heart, for all my life.

Here's a snap shot of a year ago, what a perfect, beautiful day . . .

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  1. Just got to read this- you two together make my heart smile so big when I get to see/hang with ya'll. Love you sista xoxo