Monday, August 10, 2009

Surprise Slip-N-Slide Party = Success

This past weekend, I (Danielle) put together and threw a "surprise" slip-n-slide party for my wonderful husband, Joseph. It was his big 2-5 birthday, so I thought this would be fun. Joseph has always wanted to have a giant slip-n-slide party and after finding a 50x12 foot slip-n-slide, the party was on! With much help from his two best friends, his brother Benjamin and friend Billy, we pulled off probably the biggest summer bash of 2009.

From the 50 foot slip-n-slide, to homemade guacamole, to a whole spread of Joseph's favorite foods, to Billy in a speedo with pink suspenders, you couldn't ask for much more..

If you didn't come - your loss. However, with the HUGE success of the slip-n-slide and great food - the party might come back (elsewhere) for an Summer-end party or make another appearance for 2010. Annual event anyone? So, if you didn't come, no worries, the slip-n-slide will definitely make another apperance very, very soon.

Picture of the Slip-n-slide:

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